FUAIM Concert Series January 2019

Adam hairy Friday 15. January, 13:00 Pala GarciaJohn PophamRenate RohlfingAula Maxima60 College Rd University College Cork IrelandLongleash makes its Irish debut on the University College Cork’s FUAIM series. The trio performs recent works by Ann Cleare, Adam McCartney, Christopher Trapani, and John Zorn. [Read More]

Audible Time 08 January 2019

Dienstag, 8. Jänner 2019,19:30h The series of events “audible time” is under the general theme “Eye Music” in 2019, by which we understand pictorially formulated scores of the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Under this motto are pieces of music of the 15th & 16th century together with contemporary Compositions listed. The concerts designed by Klaus Lang find their rhythm again The 4 seasons each held with international musicians. [Read More]

Bicenien 25 January 2019

Freitag, 25. Jänner, 19:30h Barbara KonradSusanne ScholzBased on the idea to interest contemporary composers for the sound qualities of Renaissance or Baroque violins and to have them composed for this line-up, the Graz Composers Association entrusted “die andere Saite” Barbara Konrad with the realization of a concert project. The well-known violinist developed this specification further and chose eight Bicinien of Orlando di Lasso, which serve as a connecting framework and possibly as starting points for the contemporary contributions. [Read More]