Bicenien 25 January 2019

Freitag, 25. Jänner, 19:30h

Barbara Konrad Susanne Scholz

Based on the idea to interest contemporary composers for the sound qualities of Renaissance or Baroque violins and to have them composed for this line-up, the Graz Composers Association entrusted “die andere Saite” Barbara Konrad with the realization of a concert project. The well-known violinist developed this specification further and chose eight Bicinien of Orlando di Lasso, which serve as a connecting framework and possibly as starting points for the contemporary contributions. Seven composers were invited by her to work on a five-minute piece for two Renaissance violins. The possibilities and peculiarities of these instruments did not only become common in a small workshop presented with the dedicated specialist Susanne Scholz (Professor at the University of Graz), The intensive exchange between performers and composers continued during the nine months leading up to the completion of the new Bicinien.

Be it that the compositions relate directly to a particular piece or only in general terms on its shape, the sound of the instruments or their natural limits

  • created works of astonishing variety of approaches and interesting perspectives on a profession that dates back 400 years.

On this special evening you will alternately hear a reinterpretation of an old Bicinium from:

Florian Gessler Klaus Lang Jorge Elizondo Gómez Adam McCartney Yulan Yu Henrik Sande Peter Ablinger

Eintritt: € 20,- /Ermäßigt € 10,- (Mitglieder, Künstler der Galerie, Studenten) Freie Platzwahl, Einlass ½ Stunde vor Beginn der Vorstellung Kartenreservierung per Mail möglich