falling, low red brick wall

Played by ensemble für neue musik in Minoritensaal, Graz, Austria 17. December 2012 Recorded by Tino and Dom Video by Furry

If you touch the buildings in Venice, the ones made out of red bricks will crumble between your fingers.

Venice  Graz  DaHe 


This was a project that we started in 2012, one of the many projects that this group of people managed together during their time in Graz. Unfortunately, I can’t find much documentation from this time.

Observing A Stone In An Imaginary Desert

Was listening to quite a lot of Morton Feldman around this time. I tried on some of his ideas about the systems of ornament found in the tradition of handmade oriental rugs. Apparently, the Persians believed that the universe contained 17 different lines of symmetry. The fact that there are no more that 17 distinct groups of possible patterns seems to have been carried out in a mathematical proof by Evgraf Fedorov in the late 19th century. [Read More]