59 People

  • partners: Ensemble Playtypus, P.A. & C.B


  • partners: [“Aarhus Unge Tonkunstnere”, “Anna Jalving”, “Sofie Thorsbro Dan”]

Three short pieces written in response to music by Orlando Di Lasso.

Program note from the concerts in Aarhus and Copenhagen

At the moment, I’m trying to create new music that is interesting to write, to play and to hear. The point of taking some existing pieces is to start with some harmonic material that will provide some level of familiarity. I’d like to think its more than just aping old masters and I’m not interested in their work in terms of prestige, just interested in the music. There are three aspects that were particularly important: cadential/clausal gestures, contrapuntal devices and modality. These aspects were translated to: microtonal tuning, various polyrhythms and extended use of dissonance/suspension to explore the new modality by way of lateral movement.


  • partners: [“Michele del Prete”]
  • tags: [“Venezia”, “Organ”, “Modular Synthesizer”]


partners: [“Yulan Yu”, “Hye Lee”, “Improper Walls”] instruments: [“chinese harp”, “harmonium”]

Tuu/Portach is the name of an ongoing cooperation with Yulan Yu, another composer and great friend of mine. Below is a short video of a concert that we played together at improper walls in Vienna at the opening of an exhibition by the artist Hye Lee.

We played reductions of a number of pieces:
an suaimhneas dall
an fáinne óir
the serene cat

These were all reductions of pieces that were composed during the summer of 2018. The material appears in a number of other pieces with titles that are translations of the ones above, or in some way closely related.