hum’s almanac

3. Nov 13

Some rain still mild although ground below freezing gentle breeze enough light. That is if a bird can peer. A blue mountain before spring.

5. Nov 13

Again more rain temperature rises ground thaws moderate breeze and even less light. This time of course no idea.

6. Nov 13

Not so much rain ground cool wind dropping although very little light. To begin with birds whistling in an empty park (or something charming like that).

7. Nov 13

Some rain getting warmer again although ground cooling wind rising and even some light. There peering through the downpour, through the fog, content, that bird again.

10. Nov 13

No whistling. The damp cools.

12. Nov 13

Ninety seven, even closer to the ground and this time with intent. Just a few drops of rain but finally some decent light.

14. Nov 13

Still quite warm wind dropping overcast. That bird again, if a bird can peer, remains seated on the wall there.

16. Nov 13

Senile and determined. wind apparently dead.

17. Nov 13

Very still. No whistling, not a peep out through the bruise.

18. Nov 13

That is if a bird can peer of course. Wind increasing.

20. Nov 13

Fixed to the ground just long enough to feign some rest. Wind picks up again.

21. Nov 13

This time understandably no idea after or before the forgetfulness (or something charming like that) of no earthly use probably discarded. a light baffling wind, more rain and less light.

22. Nov 13

Ground frozen. Mottled.

23. Nov 13

Rain and less light. Ninety seven, even closer to ground and this time with intent peering through the bruise understandably no idea creeping, whistling.

24. Nov 13

More rain and even less light remains.

25. Nov 13

That is if a bird can peer through the bruise,

26. Nov 13

through the fog, content. in the meantime quiet a blue mountain before spring another bruise.

27. Nov 13

The rain does not move it simply hangs takes its place

28. Nov 13

between a last somewhere and some sort of light.

2. Dec 13

The last heap that bird again, that elaborate objection, remains sitting somewhere. Old leaky and quiet a leftover eye. No rain.

3. Dec 13

The pile still with calm. Scattered light wind picks up.

4. Dec 13

More rain. In addition to the pile that heap, the attempt

5. Dec 13

the tower. Air again.

6. Dec 13

Itself the last heap, quivers somewhere before an end damp and cool.

8. Dec 13

Mostly ornament. Rain.

9. Dec 13

A gale Old and ice berg like.

11. Dec 13

ever quiet unintentionally. Heavy rain warm air.

12. Dec 13

Still no light. A recumbent gale.

13. Dec 13

Rain reminded of that old sausage.

15. Dec 13

More rain again almost no light and yes of course the remains of silence.

16. Dec 13

Overcast inconspicuous.

17. Dec 13

Not even once an appearance. Light more heavy rain, wind picks up again

18. Dec 13

No light stutters on

19. Dec 13

the eyes and ears close wind subsides almost. Still no light.

21. Dec 13

Heavy rain again a gale a constant murmur

23. Dec 13

again rain ground frozen a hoax.

24. Dec 13

So the Wind picks up again.

25. Dec 13

Rain and hardly any light between one or the other.

26. Dec 13

Without shelter real silence.

3. Jan 14

the air alone. A Storm with heavy rain and then some sort of light.

4. Jan 14

A real downpour old and ice berg like

5. Jan 14

a murmur More rain wind dropping some light and air remaining cool.

6. Jan 14

A continuous murmur. Whole gale heavy rain air warmer but hardly any light.

8. Jan 14

Less rain light but still a gale all along only ornament.

9. Jan 14

Not seen one day after the other light.

10. Jan 14

Somewhere ground frozen.

12. Jan 14

No wind ground still frozen. More counterfeit rest the last attempt interrupted.

13. Jan 14

That’s it then, no more. Wind begins to blow a gale, no light and rain in torrents.

14. Jan 14

mostly there is nothing to see very little light

15. Jan 14

Legs and all the last creature. Very slowly wind increases and again more rain.

16. Jan 14

A gale snorts air warmer.

18. Jan 14

A backwards amount, either plenty

19. Jan 14

ground frozen or no light.

20. Jan 14

Most of the time nothing to see, no real wind.

21. Jan 14

But sometimes after closing the eyes and ears ample light and very little rain.

22. Jan 14

A gale flickers,

23. Jan 14

stoops alongside no light

30. Jan 14

Ground frozen, light. then the creature, poking along

31. Jan 14

before some sort of Rain,

1. Feb

remains somewhere. Wind

2. Feb 14

air alone, ornament.

3. Feb 14

A whole gale old and ice berg like

4. Feb 14

heavy rain and light in turns

5. Feb 14

Then air

6. Feb 14

about the eyes and ears

The three granddaughters of the sea

partners: [“Ensemble Zeitfluss”] instruments: [“Flute”, “Bass Clarinet in b”, “Saxophone”, “Bassoon”, “Percussion”, “Piano”, “Violin”, “Viola”, “Cello”, “Contrabass”]

The rhythmical structure for this composition was created using weather data collected by the Met Éireann weather station that is positioned at Belmullet, County Mayo in Ireland. At the time, I was very interested in observing naturally occuring processes and letting them structure the composition. Similar to the types of aleatoric processes used by composers like John Cage in the 20th century. At the end of the day, the process is not really essential to what one hears in the piece - that usually ends up being sound in any event - getting some of the structural work out of the way with this sort of a procedure sort of clears the way for making decisions related to the orchestration.

Rainfall at Belmullet

For the hills

partners: [“Schallfeld Ensemble”, “Anna Sabelfeld”, “Elisa Azarra”, “Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka”] categories: [“Chamber Music”, “Duo”, “Trio”]

Both of these pieces were written for ensemble Schallfeld, who played them during a concert at St. Andrä Kirche in Graz. The priest who gave us a loan of the hall - Hermann Glettler - since went on to become the bishop of Innsbruck. He did some pretty interesting work in St. Andrä while he was in Graz, it’s an interesting church if you ever get to have a look, I can remember seeing a life sized crucifix covered in tiny mirrors. The congregation - who are mostly immigrants from Africa - ensure that it remains pretty much the most lively church in Europe.

For the hills

A trio for Flute, Violin and Kontrabass.

It focuses three disparate lines that weave together in a loosely organized rhythmical space.

The dull morning of the big toe

A duo for Violin and Kontrabass

The title is a reference to the “Dark Night of the Soul”, a mystical experience recorded by St. John of the Cross. Apparently, the basic idea of the experience is that God, as well as the soul’s path to God are essentially unknowable.

My title is more focused on worldly things, like a grey morning and a throbbing pain in your toe. Whether or not these or similar experiences have anything to do with the former, I don’t know.

The great eastern (leviathan)

partners: [“Ensemble Zeitfluss”] instruments: [“Flute”, “Bass Clarinet in b”, “Saxophone”, “Bassoon”, “Percussion”, “Piano”, “Violin”, “Viola”, “Cello”, “Contrabass”]


partners: [“Schallfeld Ensemble”, “Anna Sabelfeld”, “Doris Segula”] instruments: [“Violin”]