becoming arctic partners: Boyana Maynalovska, Robert Platt, Christian Hierhold, Filippo Gaetani instruments: synthesizer, violin Becoming Arctic is the name of a short film by Robert Platt. It’s doing the rounds at some film festivals in north america this year. The soundtrack was composed using a formalized score pipeline written in python. The instrumentation is violin and synthesizers, Boyana Maynalovska on the violin and me trying to keep up on the keys. [Read More]


Winding Echoes Fourth bicenium based on pieces out of the collection “canzionem duarem vocum” by Orlando di Lasso. The original piece is titled “justus cor suum” and this is where the melodic material for the piece comes from. The composition is canonic and also reflects some of the rhythmic devices used by Morton Feldman in his late piano piece, Triadic Memories. Premiered by Barbara Konrad and Susanne Scholz at Galerie J√ľnger in Vienna. [Read More]