becoming arctic

  • partners: Boyana Maynalovska, Robert Platt, Christian Hierhold, Filippo Gaetani
  • instruments: synthesizer, violin

Becoming Arctic is the name of a short film by Robert Platt. It’s doing the rounds at some film festivals in north america this year. The soundtrack was composed using a formalized score pipeline written in python. The instrumentation is violin and synthesizers, Boyana Maynalovska on the violin and me trying to keep up on the keys. It was recorded at TIC studios in Vienna

Watch becoming arctic on film freeway


For ensemble (4 Flutes, 1 Bb Clarinet, 1 Vibraphone, 8 Violins, 1 Viola)

Written by Adam McCartney, eroded by Thomas Grill

A commission of the Rotting sounds project of artistic research at the mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, 2020–2021. Funded by the Austrian Science Fund, project number AR445-G24.

See software section for details on generated score.