Observing A Stone In An Imaginary Desert

Was listening to quite a lot of Morton Feldman around this time. I tried on some of his ideas about the systems of ornament found in the tradition of handmade oriental rugs. Apparently, the Persians believed that the universe contained 17 different lines of symmetry. The fact that there are no more that 17 distinct groups of possible patterns seems to have been carried out in a mathematical proof by Evgraf Fedorov in the late 19th century.

Exactly what any of this has to do with music is another question entirely. When I was younger, I read that geometry was frozen music. This obviously made some sort of an impression. That the various simple whole number relationships of intervals leave their impression in whatever medium they pass through is clear. Once you get to know the intervals you can even let them become ornament. At this stage, I was still trying to get to know the intervals. The score looks really like a Klaus Lang piece. The thunderstorm sounds great. Also, the section for snare and two pianos in the middle of the piece sounded pretty good.

17 Symmetries