becoming arctic partners: Boyana Maynalovska, Robert Platt, Christian Hierhold, Filippo Gaetani instruments: synthesizer, violin Becoming Arctic is the name of a short film by Robert Platt. It’s doing the rounds at some film festivals in north america this year. The soundtrack was composed using a formalized score pipeline written in python. The instrumentation is violin and synthesizers, Boyana Maynalovska on the violin and me trying to keep up on the keys. [Read More]


all of old. at Transparent Sound, Budapest with Longleash (a piano trio) All Of Old. Nothing else ever. Ever Tried. Ever Failed. No Matter. Try again. Fail Again. Fail better. - Samuel Beckett Mccartney all of old Mccartney all of old Mccartney all of old Mccartney all of old [Read More]


59 People partners: Ensemble Playtypus, P.A. & C.B 59people page 001 59people page 002 59people page 003 59people page 004 59people page 005 59people page 006 59people page 007 [Read More]