hum’s almanac 3. Nov 13 Some rain still mild although ground below freezing gentle breeze enough light. That is if a bird can peer. A blue mountain before spring. 5. Nov 13 Again more rain temperature rises ground thaws moderate breeze and even less light. This time of course no idea. 6. Nov 13 Not so much rain ground cool wind dropping although very little light. To begin with birds whistling in an empty park (or something charming like that). [Read More]


Bird and Pine partners: Matej Bunderla, Ivan Trenev, RTVSlovenia, Hristina Takovska instruments: Saxophone, Accordion, Harmonium Through the Balkans in Summer with a bunch of musicians from all over Europe and Asia. This piece was written quickly for Hristina Takovska, who had the good sense to pester me enough until I agreed to climb into a car and drive for 2000km in the height of the summer. 17symmetries [Read More]


A concert at esc im labor in Graz, Austria.


fretae phonis for a concert that took place in the Kevin Barry Room at the National Concert Hall, Dublin hosted by the Irish Composer’s Collective A simple geometric process transforms harmonic material, from section to section, in the acoustic space. It was writ without an idea of semantic structure. In other words, with a lot of curiosity and not that much technical know-how. Many of the works from around this time were playing around with these sort of “elastic” structures. [Read More]