Adam McCartney

born in Limerick, 1987. Currently lives in Vienna. Studied composition and music theory with
K. Lang, J. Godfrey, B. Lang.

Adam approaches composition from the point of view that sound is not only the individual received
result of a physical process, but also in a broader context an interface to abstract experience. The
available material for composition is practically rooted in a direct experience of space and time i.e.:
aesthetic experience. The work of the composer is related to the consistency of this experience. Certain
musical elements appear to be historical artefacts. In fact they can cause resonances in contemporary
ears that go beyond the borders of temporal and physical experience.

From the point of view of an individual observer, the term beauty seems semantically fixed and
relates to a specific interpretation at a point in time. Considered in the flow of time on a broader scale
the term beauty undergoes constant transformation, while some essential attributes are retained on an
intuitive level. These essential attributes relate to the apprehension of beauty and show that this is
directly related to personal experience. This personal experience is at the root of any given mode of
perception. As the consistency or mode of experience itself undergoes constant change so too does
the meaning of the term beauty. This essential change emphasizes the fluid nature of personal and
collective identity.