Okay, so here’s the new website. It does some things that the old one didn’t. But it’s still written using static html. Hence the mention of stasis. Just incase the two happen to be related. It was built using Hugo, what appears to be a really useful tool.

The idea of the site is just to have a way to present things that are related to my musical output, this primarily means recordings, scores and some info about concerts or other projects taking place. Recordings will be presented in various digital formats, I haven’t really included a store as such, but links to where they can be bought elsewhere online.

With regards to the scores, I’ve been using lilypond as an engraving program for the past couple of years and am happy with it for a number of reasons. Amoung other things it is open source and text based, so it allows you to massivly speed up workflow and do so only for the cost involved with learning the framework. One item on my to do list is to create a github repository for these lilypond files, so that others might be able to access them and use some of the compositional devices or musical structures that have featured in my music over the past couple of years. It will probably take me some time to get around to this, as I want to first think about a more reasonable way to do this.

In the meantime I suggest that you take a look this site.

One of the more interesting features are the Tags in the top right hand corner. This allows you to basically reorganize the content on the site in terms of specific #hashtags. So if you want to see anyproject that features a video, you simply navigate to #video via the navbar at the top of the page. My favourite thing of all is that it allows me to list out all the musicians and artists who have been involved with the various projects over the past few years. This list is by no means complete, it’s missing many names of people who made a very significant impact in one way or another and it’s also missing some key productions and projects. One of the main reasons for not including some of these projects, is that I don’t have immediate access to documentation. Nevertheless - #partners will show a fairly long list of very interesting people, many of whom do amazing things mostly in very understated ways.